8. July 2019

EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Organisational talent through and through – Katharina Brüssel

Who? How? What? When? Where? Why? If anyone at ECOCOOL is sure to have the answers to these questions, it’s Katharina Brüssel. The 28-year-old is responsible for marketing, sales and quality management and is essentially the boss’s right hand. Her reputation for impeccable organisational talent precedes her.

Katharina Brüssel started gaining experience in the logistics industry while studying for her business administration degree in Bremerhaven. “I had a job in my parents’ haulage company.” She applied for a job at ECOCOOL three years ago after graduating with a focus on marketing and with concentrated practical experience. Dr Florian Siedenburg quickly recognised the potential of the university graduate and brought her into his team, which at that time was still small. “We have grown a lot since then,” says Katharina Brüssel, pleased about the company’s development. “I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis on management and employee interviews, and I am now responsible for the annual staff interviews together with our works manager. This is something that is very close to my heart.”

For the Bremerhaven native, strategic thinking, planning and organisation are in her blood. The most recent major project that required her to use these skills was planning and organising the company’s appearance at this year’s “transport logistic” trade fair in Munich – from the stand construction to PR work and advertising. However, her colleagues also appreciate her special talents in other ways. As the “party planner”, she organises all the company events. “My practical semester at an events company in Hamburg obviously comes in handy here,” she says, grinning. Summer parties, Christmas parties, anniversaries, traditional northern German cabbage tours – she is always happy to help the management continue to build and strengthen the team spirit. And it really works. “We are such a great team. Almost like a family,” says Katharina Brüssel. This is true of both administration and production. As quality management officer, she also works closely together with her colleagues from the production department, which she enjoys very much.

Another positive experience for Katharina Brüssel has been her employer’s flexibility. “I have a five-year-old daughter, Nayla Grace, and am therefore currently working part-time,” the dedicated mother explains. In addition, she appreciates the trust shown in her by the managing director. “I am very happy to take on so much responsibility and am particularly pleased about the opportunities for my career development,” she explains, citing as an example her recently completed further training as a quality management officer. In conclusion, she looks ahead to the future: “We have a lot of exciting plans together. Nobody treads water here.”

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