2. August 2017

Partner profile: H.-J. Fiedler Meeresdelikatessen GmbH

A future-oriented company rooted in tradition

Back in 1947, Hans Fiedler laid the cornerstone for the Fiedler eel and salmon smokery – which has been in the family for two generations – in the Wulsdorf district of Bremerhaven. His son, Hans-Joachim, paved the way for success and growth when he moved the company to the Fischereihafen district of the city 40 years later. He, his wife Brigitte and their three sons – Frederick, Jan-Henrik and Patrick – ran H.-J. Fiedler Meeresdelikatessen GmbH as a family and handled around 4,500 tons of raw goods each year. The Fiedlers employee over 150 people in Bremerhaven in their three restaurants and two smokeries as well as in wholesale, colonial goods retail and at the historic fish market.

H.-J. Fiedler Meeresdelikatessen GmbH has won several awards, including the ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes’ for medium-sized enterprises in the Bremen/Lower Saxony region in 2015 and the Bremen Marketing Club’s Innovation Award in 2014 for its brand ‘Fiedlers Fischmarkt anno 1906’. The Fiedlers, whose company philosophy is defined by innovation and progress, have more than deserved these accolades. Placing an order at the window of Fiedlers Fischmarkt anno 1906 is like stepping into a different era. Here, the Fiedlers celebrate the past and make their customers feel as though they were in one of the bustling fish markets of the turn of the century. This is a concept that draws over a million visitors from Germany and beyond every year.

One example of their successful sales strategy is their flourishing online shop, which the Fiedlers have been operating for over 15 years and which continues to grow today. After a few initial bumps in the road, the online shop became a significant pillar of the business. “We sent out over ten thousand packages around the world last December alone”, explains Patrick Fiedler. “Our customers appreciate the outstanding quality of our goods.” The Fiedlers offer smoked fish, salads, marinades, spices, and much more, but their smoked salmon is by far their best selling product online.

H.-J. Fiedler Meeresdelikatessen GmbH has always been well equipped for the future. The three sons are following in the footsteps of their father. “Frederick is in charge of purchasing and IT; Jan-Henrik looks after the restaurants”, says Patrick, who is 29 years old and himself responsible for production and retail. Among other responsibilities, he has to ensure that the fresh goods stay optimally cooled on their way to the customer. “We found a partner in Florian Siedenburg who, just like us, is focused on the future and develops his products in accordance with his customers’ needs”, the young Fiedler explains. “We use ECOCOOL cooling packs for shipping our gourmet food as well as for transporting sensitive goods in retail. Our customers are highly satisfied – and if our customers are satisfied, so are we.”


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