7. November 2017

Employee Profile: Now personally there for you – Key Account Manager Christian Wittenberg

He knows exactly what it takes when it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive goods. With over 16 years of experience, primarily in pharma and healthcare logistics, Christian Wittenberg is exactly the right man for the new position of Key Account Manager at ECOCOOL.

“Young, dynamic, forward-thinking and innovative. These were my first impressions of Dr Florian Siedenburg and his team,” says the 36-year old, whose previous employers include TNT and World Courier. And these impressions have long since been confirmed. He is now part of the creative workshop for reliable and cost-effective packaging and shipping solutions for temperature-sensitive goods.

The father of two is initially focusing on the distribution of the ECOCOOL pharmaceutical boxes – GDP-compliant, pre-qualified cooling packaging in various sizes for the shipping of high-value chilled goods for periods of 72 to 96 hours. “If you are not familiar with them, you simply have to give them a try. There are of course solutions on the market for this area but none offer such value for money as the ECOCOOL pharma box,” he explains. The trend is quite simply moving towards reliable, pre-qualified non-returnable boxes. “I am convinced that we will be welcomed with open arms, especially in the pharmaceutical industry with solutions developed specifically for their needs,” says Wittenberg.

In this context, the logistics expert is taking personal care of the customers from his home of Berlin. The central location is ideal as a starting point, especially in terms of being able to more flexibly advise and support customers who are not resident in the far north. “This is very important. We value direct dialogue. Only in this way can we continue to develop our products according to the needs and requirements of our customers,” Wittenberg adds.

Regular meetings are also held in Bremerhaven. Christian Wittenberg has a clear goal in mind. “We want to continue to grow and increase our importance for the logistics industry both nationally and internationally”, he explains. And would ECOCOOL like to expand with an additional location, say in Berlin? “Nothing is impossible”, he says and smiles. “ECOCOOL has the potential in any case.”

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