7. May 2018

Staff Portrait: Dispatch Manager Jana Seipke

She is a family person through and through – the ideal prerequisite for working at ECOCOOL. However, it isn’t just the family atmosphere that she appreciates: Jana Seipke shouldered the responsibility for her remit right from the start. This is just the way she likes it. She enjoys having creative leeway and uses it to actively help shape the corporate structures at ECOCOOL. It therefore comes as no surprise that the 30-year-old manager has been fully committed to managing order processing and dispatch at the company for more than three years.

As a trained forwarding merchant, she had to learn about shipping goods and merchandise from scratch. However, at ECOCOOL she is always learning more. “We are continually developing new products to meet our customers’ needs. This naturally means that, in dispatch, we are constantly facing new challenges,” she explains. “Our goal is essentially to optimise shipping for our customers and to execute it promptly and economically.” In fact, she is already well known to many of our customers. At least by phone. This is because Jana Seipke takes all incoming calls put through from central office. With her, callers are definitely in the right hands. She knows exactly which company employee is the right person to deal with each query.

The young woman comes from a family of entrepreneurs. “I’m no stranger to structures like those at ECOCOOL. One of the great advantages of having a small administrative team like ours is the short decision processes,” she explains. “When I think how much has happened here over the last three years – the new building, the new products and the extra staff in production – I’m really looking forward to finding out what the future holds for us,” says the dispatch manager from Bremerhaven with a smile. With Dr Florian Siedenburg, she has a CEO at her side who is fully committed to expansion. “It’s so exciting to be a part of this process, and particularly to be actively helping to shape it.”

Jana Seipke loves stepping into action in any case. For one thing, she loves feeling the breeze on her face when she goes jogging in Speckenbüttel Park. For another, she regularly goes to the gym. She also enjoys going on city tours with her husband Henning, and is especially happy when she can combine her travels with a concert by her favourite singer Pink. “I’ve already seen Pink in concert seven times. I’m now getting ready for the eighth,” says Jana Seipke with a wink.

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