16. October 2018

Employee Profile: Dominique Holzmann – the first ECOCOOL trainee

From Stade to the USA, then Australia, and next stop Thailand – now the globe-trotter is staying put for the next three years in Bremerhaven. After leaving school, with his high school graduation in the bag and his sights on great adventures, Dominique Holzmann packed a rucksack and set off into the wide world. In doing so, the now 22-year-old fulfilled a great dream. Now, however, he wants to lay the first foundations for his professional life. Holzmann is the first trainee in the ECOCOOL company.

He has been a member of the commercial team led by managing director Dr Florian Siedenburg since August. “We are very glad to have such a committed and motivated young man as Dominique on board,” says Siedenburg. Holzmann, who approached Siedenburg with an unsolicited application, did not start his training unprepared. Three months before his training began, he was already working in production in his future place of instruction. “My tasks included putting our thermal covers on and gluing polystyrene boxes. But I particularly enjoyed working in the shipping department,” as the trainee wholesale and export merchant recalls. This last remark particularly pleases his trainer, because Jana Seipke is responsible for shipping and order processing at ECOCOOL, and is taking the trainer aptitude examination especially for the first ECOCOOL trainee.

The Stade native already has a few training days behind him. “The lessons at the vocational colleges in Bremerhaven are fun. So far, accounting has been one of my favourite subjects,” Holzmann adds. Holzmann, an extreme athlete, finds a balance with his now structured everyday routine by mastering obstacle courses and free running. “Bremerhaven really offers cool opportunities for this,” he says enthusiastically about his chosen home.

He has high expectations of his training, but even higher ones of himself. “Of course, I want to support the team in the best possible way right from the start and make as good a contribution as possible,” says Holzmann. Jana Seipke encourages her protégé and is already praising his commitment. “Dominique already has fixed tasks which he is carrying out responsibly,” she explains, pleased with his progress.

What are his plans for after training? “It would be great if I could continue to pursue my career at ECOCOOL beyond training.” But in any event, he wants to continue to travel. Cruising over the highway in a Ford Mustang, camping in Hawaii or ‘surviving’ on a vegan diet in an Australian yoga retreat – these are experiences that he will never forget. But his journey of adventure will continue. “There is still so much to discover in the world.”

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