16. October 2018

Solar power made by ECOCOOL

The ‘ECO’ in the company name ECOCOOL stands not only for economy but also for ecological solutions. With the investment in the 99.5 kW photovoltaic installation on the roof of the production hall, Dr Florian Siedenburg is setting a new milestone to continue to position his company as pioneering and future-oriented. The use of photovoltaics to generate solar power is not only effective from an ecological standpoint. Above all, the acquisition offers benefits in economic terms.

“Thanks to the now considerably reduced costs of the modules and their installation, the investment will already pay for itself after about ten years,” the managing director explains. “In terms of cash flow, the whole project is already worth it. The interest and repayment costs are lower than the costs saved for the electricity,” he explains.

ECOCOOL has now been using solar power since the end of June. Siedenburg is already very satisfied with the efficiency of the installation. “Our fundamental goal is to cover up to 30 percent of our electricity consumption by means of our own production, and therefore to reduce the carbon footprint of our production significantly.” The planned CO2 savings amount to around 59 tons per year. At times when the company’s own requirements are low, for example at weekends or on public holidays, the supply can be fed into the public network in return for a fee. However, Siedenburg is also achieving another aim with the new photovoltaic installation – namely to protect the company from continually rising electricity prices. That’s a great solution in every regard.

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