4. February 2019


At just under three years old, little Liam keeps his dad on the go. Swimming, rampaging, playing in puddles with his son – all these are activities for which Folke Poggenburg now gladly sets his football aside. Apart from this, he is devoting himself completely to his new professional challenge. Since August of last year, the 34-year-old has been part of the ECOCOOL family. Customers now know him very well as a service advisor and contact partner for logistic questions.

Originally, after successfully completing his professional training, the specialist for forwarding and logistics services wanted to go south. As a child, the native of Bremerhaven discovered that he had a passion for sports which have more to do with mountainous landscapes than with the North Sea: snowboarding, skiing and climbing. It made sense to move to the south of the Federal Republic. After all, there was nothing better than enjoying the view from a peak which had just been scaled. But somehow, fate decreed otherwise. Professional and private circumstances kept the logistics expert in the North. This is good for his wife Ann-Katrin, with whom he is currently building a house on the Wurster coast of the North Sea. They plan to move in April.

And, of course, it’s good for ECOCOOL. Poggenburg has been fully occupied here from the first day. “Here, everyone is really concerned about the customer’s welfare”, he says, explaining that he is now also responsible for complaints management. “But there’s not quite so much to do here”, he says with a wink. Before the family man took up his permanent position in the office, he gained an insight into production for two weeks. “That’s the only way to follow and understand the production processes”, he explains.

Never before had Poggenburg experienced such a familial atmosphere among colleagues as at ECOCOOL. “We are all on first-name terms here, and the social interaction between us is very warm”, he says, describing his working environment. He also particularly appreciates the fact that employees can make a contribution beyond their assigned tasks and that their ideas for optimisation or even for new products are taken seriously. “Once a month, we organise a large team meeting, which is the ideal way to be able to have a say in what happens here. Here at ECOCOOL, we simply don’t stand still”, says the Cappel resident-by-choice. Long may it continue, in his opinion. And anyone who knows ECOCOOL knows that it will.

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