28. January 2020

Eight degrees of determination – ECOCOOL runs for a good cause

From enduring temperature changes of more than 40 degrees Celsius and ascending the daunting “stairway to heaven” to sprinting through Samoan lagoons, anything is possible for ECOCOOL. “We like to take on all kinds of challenges,” says Jana Seipke with a wink. The Head of Customer Service & Logistics, along with seven colleagues, laced up her trainers for the ninth “Klimahaus-Lauf” fundraising event. In mere minutes, the athletes jogged through nine places and five continents along the 8th meridian east longitudinal line – in the knowledge and experience centre at Bremerhaven’s Climate House.

ECOCOOL came in ninth place out of more than 30 teams, mastering the challenging course for a good cause too. A donation was made for each athlete who achieved a faster time than Rike Jürgens, the world-champion hip-hop solo dancer. This year, the proceeds went to Lungenstiftung Bremen and the climate foundation Deutsche KlimaStiftung. ECOCOOL raised over 3,700 euros through its participation, and is planning to repeat the challenge this year.

“We like meeting up outside of work and doing things together, especially something sporty like this,” says Jana Seipke, an enthusiastic runner. “And it wasn’t just the eight of us representing ECOCOOL that Friday evening,” she recalls. Countless colleagues cheered them on from the course’s sideline. “That was terrific. And that’s what ECOCOOL is: like a second family.”

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