28. January 2020

EMPLOYEE PROFILE: A tech-head through and through – Jan Siedenburg

Good luck getting his attention once he has plunged into the world of Horatio Hornblower and joined the next battle out on the high seas. It can take a while for him to come back to reality after spending even a moment reading the adventure series. Jan Siedenburg can best enjoy this relaxed sort of “diving” at his favourite spot, his weekend retreat in the village of Flögeln. This is where the ECOCOOL works manager prefers to spend his free time, together with his wife, their children and their dog.

The Bremerhaven native, who now lives in Bramel, has been the company’s tech guru for five years and is also an expert in facilities management. He works hand in hand with the managing director, Dr Florian Siedenburg, making up ECOCOOL’s dynamic management duo. “Maybe it works so well because we know each other so well,” says the 55-year-old with a wink, acknowledging the uncle-nephew relationship between himself and the managing director.

As an engineer of supply technology and a certified electrician, he fits into the role of works manager like a plug in a socket. “It’s incredible how much the company has grown in the last five years.” Take the new production facility that opened in southern Bremerhaven in 2015, or the newly built hall that will soon be brought into production next door. “And we keep growing. But it’s no surprise when you see how well we work as a team,” he says with obvious pride.

After naming some of the different companies he has worked for, Jan Siedenburg adds, “I’ve never had it as good as I have it at ECOCOOL, with the kind of work I do here and the camaraderie with my colleagues.” He especially appreciates the warm and casual way they speak to each other. He considers himself frank in conversation. “They value that here,” he says. It’s easy to see why he looks forward to coming to work every morning. “I’m delighted to be a part of the ECOCOOL family.” A particularly apt description for this works manager.

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