18. November 2020

ISO 9001:2015: Second supervisory audit passed

“We have passed our second external supervisory audit,” explains Katharina Brüssel, certified quality management representative at ECOCOOL. This applies both to ECOCOOL GmbH and to EcoCool Service GmbH. Since our quality management system was first certified according to ISO 9001:2015 two years ago, it has undergone regular internal and external audits. For two years running (2019, 2020) the company has achieved good results in the external audits conducted by DEKRA Certification GmbH.

“We are subject to strict legal requirements, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors,” explains Brüssel, who goes on to emphasise the importance of stringent hygiene standards within shipping processes alone. “Our DEKRA-supervised quality management system is key to increasing safety within food and pharmaceuticals supply chains,” she states, and once again underlines ECOCOOL’s high quality standards.

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