18. November 2020

New: Water-based cooling elements

“The wants and needs of our customers are among the main incentives driving us to continuously develop our products and expand our range,” explains Dr Florian Siedenburg. It was HelloFresh, for example, that provided the idea for the new water-based cool packs. “HelloFresh envisaged an even more sustainable cool pack solution based on gel,” continues Siedenburg.

The new cool packs, which are filled with water, have been very well received. “We have already expanded our machinery accordingly,” explains the company’s managing director. Production is running at full speed, and the Bremerhaven-based manufacturer’s portfolio of cool packs approved for contact with food now broader still. ECOCOOL offers various disposable and reusable cooling elements for placing in insulated transport boxes and bags. “This combination facilitates the passive cooling of temperature-sensitive goods, ensuring that target temperatures are maintained until the goods are received,” explains the expert.

“Customers can now avail of this water-based product, in addition to our proven gel-based cooling elements, for the shipment of chilled food products,” he continues. These water-based cool packs are more sustainable in that, after transport, the customer need only allow the water to drain off into the washbasin, then place the remaining plastic envelope in the recycling bin. Good for the environment, practical for customers.

ECOCOOL’s transport boxes boast excellent thermal protection and high cost efficiency. Combined with ECOCOOL cooling elements, they offer an even broader range of passive cooling solutions for the shipment of foods and pharmaceuticals.

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