18. March 2021

For food and pharma – New product by ECOCOOL: ECO-XTREME thermal covers

“Our thermal covers are the ideal solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products on critical routes,” explains Dr Florian Siedenburg. They are among the standard products in the ECOCOOL range and offer protection from both excessively high and low temperatures. The portfolio encompasses a range of designs depending on the requirement. New at ECOCOOL: the ECO-XTREME thermal cover. It delivers significantly increased insulation, thereby enabling longer transport routes.

This effect is the result of its three-layer structure. A reflective exterior layer surrounds rPET fleece insulation, in direct contact with a reflective interior coating that radiates little heat. The insulating interior is composed of fleece made from recycled polyester fibres.

“In terms of insulation performance, our classic thermal cover ECO-SAFE+ comes closest to our new product,” comments Chief Executive Officer Siedenburg. The existing tried and tested thermal cover excels with the combination of ECOCOOL water blankets and thus provides improved protection from temperature peaks. Yet, the new thermal cover sets itself apart with its considerably reduced system weight, making it easy to handle. “The ECO-XTREME is therefore recommended primarily for heavier consignments,” adds Siedenburg.

And that’s not all. “The ECO-XTREME is naturally also well-suited for shipping routes involving transport interfaces,” notes Siedenburg. He emphasises that the ECO-XTREME cover was developed in close coordination with a reputable customer from the pharmaceutical industry as well as the associated forwarding agent. What is special about this request is that the thermal cover had to be produced for large airfreight pallets, known as ULDs. Due to the immense size, the otherwise proven water blankets are less suitable for this application. As a result of this innovation, both the customer and the forwarding agent are highly satisfied. “Besides the reliable temperature protection, the astonishingly good handling in particular impressed our partners,” says Siedenburg.

The thermal covers are generally suitable for all modes of transport but are used most often in airfreight. Here, ECOCOOL fulfils any desired pack size. Highlighting the flexibility at the Bremerhaven production facility, the expert adds: “All thermal covers are made to measure, meaning even special pack sizes can be delivered at any time.

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