18. March 2021

Employee profile: All-rounder and globetrotter – Lukas von See

If one thing can be said about him, it’s that Lukas von See is a true all-rounder. And not just at the ping pong table. Also professionally, he is among the linchpins of management and – at just 28 years of age – he is almost one of the “veterans” of the ECOCOOL workforce.

But let’s return to table tennis. Like in real life, he is not content to simply wait for his opponent to make mistakes. On the contrary. He actively takes on responsibility and also makes sure that his teammates in the first Lamstedt men’s team can always completely rely on him. The national league player has been playing table tennis since he was just five years old; he has been placed at the first table and has also held the position of manager at TSV Lamstedt. Hailing from Osterbruch, he keeps himself fit beyond the normal club training programme and goes jogging regularly. “Particularly now when there’s no club sports and engaging in other leisure activities is also not possible, I want to run at least a hundred kilometres a month. The weather doesn’t make a difference,” says Lukas von See. He works with quite a lot of athletic colleagues, including two marathon runners, which often reminds him of his concrete goal: “I absolutely want to run a marathon someday,” the sports enthusiast adds. He certainly has the motivation and stamina.

“ECOCOOL caught my attention during an internship and my bachelor’s thesis,” von See recalls. Back then, the local press had covered the new construction in the south of Bremerhaven. The student at the time was primarily interested in the modern climatic chamber, which had been missing during his previous internship in Cuxhaven. Contacting Dr Florian Siedenburg was “totally easy”; he came across as a practical man and a fan of uncomplicated solutions. Siedenburg allowed the young and dedicated student (bachelor of engineering in logistics) to use the ECOCOOL climatic chamber for tests on behalf of the Cuxhaven company. “And that’s how I finally came to ECOCOOL five and a half years ago,” he explains.

Actually, Bremerhaven was only supposed to be a stepping stone. “I always look beyond my immediate horizon,” he adds. “I had just finished my studies, but the plan was to continue them at some point in the future.” But ECOCOOL did not make this jump easy for him. “From the very beginning, we have been continuing to develop in really big steps. It is fantastic to be able to follow and even help shape this process,” the packaging engineer notes. Meanwhile, he can no longer imagine leaving Bremerhaven and ECOCOOL. He first set his professional focus at ECOCOOL on product development and customer service. He continues to remain true to the development of innovative packaging solutions. While he has also distinguished himself as jointly responsible for the success of ECOCOOL Service GmbH, at Schiffshören 9 he is also the man for “special cases”. “I enjoy helping major customers. Developing solutions for their specific needs is not only a challenge for me, it is also a whole lot of fun,” says the 28 year old, who has also just successfully completed his trainer aptitude examination. He looks forward to being even more involved in distribution in the future.

And speaking of the future, he is looking forward to travelling again. He beams when he thinks back to his last trips and festival visits. Australia, Belgium, England and Spain are just some of the festival destinations stamped in his passport. “As soon as the pandemic situation permits it again, I will be ready,” he says hopefully. Who knows, perhaps he will get round to doing his marathon – in New York, Boston or along the Great Wall of China.

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