18. March 2021

New hall at the company headquarters: an extra 800 square metres for fast-movers

Completely in his element, Jan Siedenburg discusses the next steps with his site manager. The operations manager is impatient. He wants to put the new hall into use as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the pandemic has resulted in delays with the construction firms. But now the project is almost finished. ECOCOOL is expanding its storage capacity by a good 800 square metres.

“Indeed, we need this extra space,” says Siedenburg, referring to the ceaseless expansion that the experts in packaging and shipping solutions for temperature-sensitive products have been experiencing since the launch of the company. The new storage hall will be directly connected to the existing hall. This entails a range of advantages for construction. For instance, only three walls need to be constructed; the fourth side is provided by the existing hall. “Here we only need a transition from one hall to the other,” explains the engineer for supply technology. Naturally, at the very beginning the building manager allowed for the expansion options for the photovoltaic installation, which generates green power at the company headquarters.

The new storage hall will primarily offer space for so-called fast-movers. “While directly connected to the production facility, this solution gives us even more flexibility in terms of the flow of goods,” comments Siedenburg. At the same time, he points out the as yet unused space opposite the current administrative building – with emphasis on “as yet”. This is because the plans for relocating to a new office building are already drawn up. “Of course, not without the option for additional storage capacity,” the building manager chuckles. The need for further storage space will also not diminish in the future. All the better that ECOCOOL has recently rented a hall close to the headquarters spanning around 2,000 square metres with a 650-square-metre deep-freeze warehouse for refrigerated goods. After all, the demand for pre-frosted cooling elements is also growing steadily. And if the customers are used to one thing, it’s reliable all-round service made in Bremerhaven.

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