8. December 2021

Big vaccination campaign at ECOCOOL – Together against the coronavirus

Since the beginning, strict hygiene rules and a close-knit testing strategy have been crucial building blocks in ECOCOOL’s plan of action to protect us all against COVID-19. “Although these hygiene arrangements are helpful and extremely important, we can only find a sustainable way out of the pandemic once the population has sufficient immunisation with the vaccine,” says Dr Florian Siedenburg. “So, to offer our employees the greatest possible protection and to do our bit as a company, we have launched a vaccination campaign at our Schiffshören address.”

It was fundamentally important to use the untapped potential of company doctors to accelerate the vaccination process. “Our company doctor, Dr Hegenbarth, was more than happy to support us in this,” says the managing director. Together with DRK Bremerhaven, she was able to create a low-threshold voluntary vaccination offer for employees in June and July, in addition to the other offers. “We are delighted that our staff have been so enthusiastic in taking up the vaccination offer.”

We only used the Biontech/Pfizer mRNA vaccine. In total, more than 80 employees took up their employer’s offer. A company vaccination campaign is again being planned for the upcoming booster vaccination to be able to offer all employees the best possible protection against COVID-19 infection as quickly as possible.

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