8. December 2021

Member of the “Partnership Environment Company” – Spotlight on sustainable insulating packaging

The members of the “Environmental Business Partnership” all have one thing in common: they do more than the bare legal minimum for the environment, ensuring a strong and sustainable business location in the state of Bremen. ECOCOOL is now also part of this network, joining the list of renowned, environmentally committed companies in Bremerhaven and Bremen.

The Bremen Environmental Partnership has swelled to an impressive 214 parties. “More and more businesses in our federal state are turning their focus more to sustainable management. Newcomers contribute a range of measures to improve environmental protection at a local level. This benefits all Bremen and Bremerhaven citizens,” explained Hildegard Kamp, head of the department for environmental economics, climate and resource protection, who is supporting the initiative. Martin Schulze from the Environment Business Office adds: “We are delighted to have even more companies in our ranks who bring fresh ideas and want to implement them and cooperate with others to further improve their own eco-balance.”

“Naturally, we are thrilled to be part of that,” says Dr Florian Siedenburg. “We are of course very conscious of our ecological responsibility and are always working to make the best use of and conserve resources.” The managing director goes on to explain: “We generate our own electricity to cover the majority of our own consumption. Everything we have to buy beyond that comes from renewable sources.” And this focus on sustainability also comes through in the choice of insulation materials. The INNOBox and INNOBag product lines, for example, are setting new standards. They use specially embossed, one hundred per cent recycled paper as an insulator, as well as renewable raw material.

The portfolio now includes a whole range of sustainable insulating packaging. “We are constantly working to expand our product range against this backdrop and to expand our resource efficiency and climate protection with a clear eye to the future.”

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