8. December 2021

New trainees at ECOCOOL – Seamless training into professionalism

ECOCOOL customers have known him for a long time and his colleagues also value Dominique Holzmann’s expertise. It seems ages ago that he was still a trainee. Because he is a real asset to the team – and not just since he passed his exams. ECOCOOL’s training programme is so practice-oriented that it enables trainees to take on responsibility at an early stage. This is the sort of challenge that also attracted Tibor Bielwaski and Agnieszka Radajewska. They started their first year of training at ECOCOOL in 2021.

Tibor Bielwaski aims to have his certificate as a warehouse logistics specialist safely in his hands at the end of his apprenticeship. Just like David Gotthardt, who is already in his second year of his apprenticeship. Ever at their side: Jörg Schlarmann. A highly committed trainer, his motivation rubs off on his protégés. “Our apprentices put in the work from day one. That is very satisfying, because we are doing everything we can to counteract the shortage of skilled workers,” explains Schlarmann. “Our steady growth must not be compromised because of a lack of skilled workers on the market,” says the training officer in the industrial sector.

His colleague from administration, Lukas von See, can only agree with him. He has taken Agnieszka Radajewska under his wing as her trainer: she is training to become a wholesale and foreign trade management assistant. He emphasises how much store ECOCOOL puts on the quality of training. “After passing their exams, our trainees have the best possible preparation to seamlessly start their professional life,” he explains. Dominique Holzmann is an excellent example. He remembers his first customer phone call with a wry smile. There is no longer any sign of the insecurity he first felt. Quite the opposite: today, working in sales, he advises his customers with total confidence.

What does the onboarding of young people at ECOCOOL look like? “Of course, we put a great deal of thought into this in advance. After all, it’s particularly important not to overwhelm the fresh school graduates as soon as they arrive,” says von See. And since ECOCOOL has a rather familial atmosphere anyway, there was a deliciously relaxed breakfast with the management, trainers and trainees to welcome them to the family – friendly and informal. “I can imagine something of a tradition developing from this. After all, togetherness is particularly important to us. Right from day one.”

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