8. December 2021

Additional production hall and a modern office building – ECOCOOL continues to grow

Fresh from moving into their new warehouse and production hall, ECOCOOL promptly continues its expansion: another new building for administration and production is being constructed between the existing office building and the new hall. “We are still developing very positively. This always needs new space,” explains Managing Director Dr Florian Siedenburg. ECOCOOL can once again report an increase in turnover of over 25 per cent compared to the previous year.

The new building will provide the company with another 2,000 square metres or so more space. 200 square metres will be used for a freezer cell, and 1,000 square metres for production. “We are taking into account increased demand for our cooling elements here,” reports Dr Florian Siedenburg. ECOCOOL purchased six new cooling element machines in the current year alone. Four of these are to be moved from the main factory to the new hall to begin with, with room for up to seven in total. This will free up space for additional work tables and storage areas for finished goods in the main factory. The new production hall is scheduled to be in use by the turn of the year.

A new 800-square-metre two-storey office building will be built directly next to it. “We have worked with the agency BKE Fislage to design a team-oriented space,” says the managing director. The whole team was strongly involved from the beginning, contributing their ideas. First, we asked all employees from the administration department: “What is important to us? Who needs to sit near whom? What are the routes we walk most often? What is currently causing us a problem? We created a design around all this,” Katharina Brüssel summarises. She is responsible for marketing, sales and quality management at ECOCOOL. The move to the new, improved office space is currently planned for the end of January 2022.

Dr Florian Siedenburg finds it difficult to estimate how long the extension will be sufficient for the growing company’s space needs. However, current projections indicate that ECOCOOL will need even more space and area in the foreseeable future.

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