28. March 2023

Employee portrait: Tobias Wischermann – product developer for sustainable packaging

The motto of life “Do what you love” could come directly from our product developer Tobias Wischermann. He has been working in ECOCOOL administration since summer 2022: “The position as product developer with a focus on sustainable packaging solutions was a stroke of luck for me, as I can now combine my interests with my working life.”

His enthusiasm for the topics of sustainability and the environment grew primarily through numerous trips during which he came into direct contact with massive environmental pollution. Especially plastic and packaging waste were a thorn in his side and he decided that this environmental problem should become his professional challenge. So the trained biological-technical assistant began studying Maritime Technologies at the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences. This was followed by a Master’s degree in natural sciences with a focus on biology/ecology at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg. Tobias Wischermann completed his Master’s thesis with a focus on “Geochemistry/Analytics”, which is primarily geared towards application development and the use of analytical equipment in everyday laboratory work.

With his degree in his pocket, he finally started as a temporary production worker at ECOCOOL in 2019 and was taken on as a permanent production employee in 2020. In the process, he was able to get to know many production processes and products from the ground up. Now he has found his dream job with us: “One goal I have set myself is to expand the product range for sustainable packaging in terms of the circular economy and thus provide customers with further options to our current packaging solutions.”

We wish Tobias Wischermann continued success and motivation in his job. It’s great to have you as part of the ECOCOOL family!

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